Honoré 404 - Medium tote bag


Minimalist and structured, the Honoré 404 line showcases the very contemporary, understated look of Longchamp bags. Each design features a small streamlined golden horse. Boasting a lightweight design with a silky feel, Honoré 404 bags are the new classic must-haves.

Honoré 404 Panthère - Handbag


A panther print motif on the Honoré 404 Panthère line awakens the animal instinct of the Honoré 404 bags. Its rugged character is expressed in a material reminiscent of layers of granite rock, which is available in two tones and makes an elegant match for the plain pieces.

Le Foulonné - Document holder


An instantly recognizable line since 1975, the strength of Le Foulonné lies in the constant updating of its designs, its broad color palette and its iconic grain. It offers a wide range of robust and flexible men's bags in an understated style: briefcases, document holders, hobo bags or backpacks, there's something for all tastes.

Le Foulonné City - Handbag


Le Foulonné City puts the legendary leather grain of the emblematic Le Foulonné line in the spotlight. Le Foulonné was the very first range of ladies' leather bags to be developed by Longchamp, based on minimalist, rigid models with clean-cut, simple designs. These bags feature firmer cowhide leather in a discreet shade on the outside yet burst with bright colors on the inside.

Le Pliage - Medium handbag


The Le Pliage bag is inspired by the Japanese art of origami. Simple yet eminently ingenious, it has become a firm favorite all over the world. The Le Pliage line comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, in around a dozen colors each season. As light as a feather, Le Pliage folds down into a notebook size and is sturdy enough to be your everyday companion.

Le Pliage Cocarde - Handbag


Accented with a leather cockade with the Longchamp Paris 1948 logo, the Le Pliage Cocarde bags proudly sport the colors of their French brand, using the Le Pliage bag as a blue, white and red standard or adopting the very shape of the cockade badge itself. For an informal tricolor look.

Le Pliage Cuir - Handbag


Le Pliage Cuir retains all the signature styling that made the Le Pliage line so famous: a stunning palette of colors and an ingenious foldable shape. Even when it's made of leather, the still bag folds up! Flexible and sturdy, Le Pliage Cuir can be carried as you please to create your own look. Perfect from morning to evening, at the office or at the weekend.

Le Pliage Cuir Cody - Handbag


Le Pliage Cuir Cody reinterprets the Le Pliage Cuir line and owes its name to the city of Cody, founded by the legendary Buffalo Bill. Set off with a topstitched braid and tassels that highlight their folk style, the bags in the line come in warm colors that evoke the landscapes of the Far West.

Le Pliage Héritage - Small handbag


The Le Pliage Héritage line pays homage to Longchamp's leathercraft expertise. Each iconic detail - raw edging, tone-on-tone topstitching, a rigid structure and golden or gunmetal hardware - beautifully enhances the streamlined lines of the bags in the collection, in an ode to simplicity. A legacy of classic style gives a new vision of the future.

Le Pliage Héritage Luxe - Handbag


The Le Pliage Héritage Luxe line offers exotic versions of its exquisite designs for the winter season, crafted in calf fur with smooth leather trims. Featuring herringbone stripes or available in plain colors, the bags in the line exude a feline, sensual and glamorous style.

Le Pliage Néo - Crossbody bag


Le Pliage Néo reinvents the Le Pliage line in a more urban, more contemporary style. It features avant-garde materials and details. The "couture" style running shoe sets the tone and continues to turn heads.

Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie - Handbag


This season, the Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie line is adopting a print designed for the urban jungle: this exotic neo-camouflage motif decorates the canvas on the line's bags for an unmistakably #Urbannature effect.

Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie - Sakura - Handbags


Le Pliage Néo reinvents the Le Pliage line in an urban, unmistakably contemporary style. New high-tech details give the collection a modern feel. Spacious and lightweight, the Le Pliage Néo bags make the perfect companion for the modern urbanite. This season, LE PLIAGE NÉO is a source of poetic inspiration and adorned with floral prints: LE PLIAGE NÉO FANTAISIE - SAKURA. Available in two colors, the cotton canvas depicts the delicate Japanese SAKURA cherry tree in bloom.

Longchamp 2.0 - Handbag


The bags in the Longchamp 2.0 line are the perfect balance between a classic professional look and a desire for style. The geometric "necktie tip" detail, the hot-stamped pale golden logo and golden hardware accentuate the graphic appearance of this subtly eccentric line.

Longchamp 2.0 Toile - Handbag


Offering a wealth of contrasts, the Longchamp 2.0 Toile line conveys a "chiaroscuro" impression through its materials and colors. With their informal and authentic look, the bags in the collection feature the Longchamp logo embossed on an angular leather label and are adorned with natural leather trims.

Longchamp 3D - Clutch bags


Longchamp 3D accessories epitomize a designer look, modernity and a taste for symmetry. A new dimension of style from every perspective.

Mystery - Handbag


The Mystery line reveals an elegant, informal style, for classics with a twist. Crafted in a plump leather, the bags in the line showcase a design with a wealth of curves, set off with double topstitching details and a hot-stamped signature on a rounded oval. New timeless designs, blending tradition and modernity.

Paris Premier - Handbag


The Paris Premier line gets its identity from an accentuated graphic construction on the bags with right angles and rounded details. Combining a plump, supple feel, and a matte yet velvety patinaed appearance for a natural sensual effect, the designs demonstrate the excellence of Longchamp's know-how.

Paris Rocks - Handbag


Sensible during the day and elegant for evenings: this is the motto of the Paris Rocks line. A range of bags in modern, classic shapes with a distinctive natural style that adds a dash of vintage, accented with a metal chain and eyelets. A compact and feminine collection, in a deliberately rock chick yet glamorous style.

Paris Rocks Velours - Hobo bag


Paris Rock's Parisian flavor comes in suede this season. While losing nothing of its elegantly rebellious essence, suede brings a Bohemian feel to Longchamp's most rock 'n' roll line. As always, set off with Paris Rocks' signature metal eyelets and chain, the bags in the line are sensible during the day and elegant for evenings.

Pénélope - Tote bag


The Pénélope line was born of the fusion of Longchamp styles and expertise. Raw edges, a logo that's discreet on the outside but more prominent on the inside, and clever, timeless zip tassels all come together to create a delicious blend of elegant and sporty models for a contemporary and informal line.

Pénélope Fantaisie - Clutch


The Pénélope Fantaisie line gently reinterprets the original Pénélope line. Its dual material accessories exude a sensual appeal with a refined touch.

Quadri - Handbag


Quadri is a distinctive line that showcases the style of the elegant and natural Parisian woman. It features a "crisscross" pattern created by a grid bias-stamped on supple leather, inspired by Longchamp's signature styling. A range of spacious, fabulously deconstructed bags.

Roseau - Tote bag


The Roseau line of bags is characterized by a simple, streamlined design and has established itself as a distinctive, iconic line. Adorned with a bamboo-style closure that has become the signature of this range, Roseau is one of Longchamp's favorite lines that is just as sought-after season after season.

Roseau Croco - Tote bag


Available in cowhide bringing a new twist to crocodile, the Roseau Croco line of bags asserts its bold and distinctive style with these exotic and glamorous pieces, featuring a contemporary design with raw edging and rounded yet structured curves. A line that reflects the current animal-inspired theme.

Roseau Héritage - Large tote bag


Created to mark the 20th anniversary of the Roseau line, the Roseau Héritage line of bags offers a contemporary, enhanced twist on the traditional Roseau design. This streamlined version, which demonstrates the quintessence of Longchamp's know-how, features bags with raw edging and accentuated details (oval and bamboo). A sophisticated anniversary collection that acquires a beautiful patina over time.

Roseau Longchamp 1948 - Tote bag


Combining simplicity and sophistication, Longchamp has created a timeless line: the ROSEAU. Emblematic, the line’s models bear the iconic Longchamp racehorse signature within a leather oval, embellished with a bamboo-inspired closure. In the ROSEAU LONGCHAMP 1948, the brand pays tribute to its classic ROSEAU. In this signature version, the bags are adorned with traditional symbols: the horseshoe, the tobacco pipes and the year of the brand’s creation. Mixing cotton and polyester, the jacquard canvas tells the Longchamp story.

Roseau Panthère - Handbag


For winter, the Roseau line is adopting animal skins and becoming Roseau Panthère, a line of bags boasting contrasting colors and materials, crafted in sheep fur on one side and panther print satin nylon canvas on the other. Mini or maxi bags that are coming to shake up the winter season and supplement the fauna in the Fall 2016 collection.

Roseau Patch - Handbag


Created in a limited edition, the Roseau Patch line reworks the bags in the original Roseau line, with a simple, streamlined design, in a patchwork of materials to create striking herringbone detailing.

Roseau Réversible - Tote bag


A new, modern and dynamic version of the original line, Roseau Réversible reinterprets the Roseau theme. Roseau Réversible bags feature the traditional satin grain from the Roseau line on one side, in a bright color. On the other side, in a more neutral color, the grain is larger to create texture and a raised effect. Structured yet soft, colorful yet understated, sporty yet sophisticated: Roseau Réversible bags are perfect for everyday use.

Roseau Sweet - Handbag


An imaginative reversible interpretation of the Roseau line, the Roseau Sweet line showcases a cozy, sporty look. Adorned with a large resin Roseau closure, it adopts the signature elements of the original line in a soft, supple version for an original, distinctive look.

Strass - Crossbody bag


Whether jeweled bags or ultra-soft gloves, the Strass line offers refined accessories enriched with precious materials that reflect your desires.

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